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Discover the power and convenience of electric pressure washers! These versatile cleaning tools utilize high-pressure water jets to tackle dirt, grime, and stubborn stains on a variety of surfaces. Whether you’re sprucing up your driveway, revitalizing your deck, or giving your car a thorough wash, electric pressure washers are up to the task.

Key Benefits:

  1. Ease of Use: Simply plug them into an electrical outlet, and you’re ready to clean. No fussing with gas or oil.
  2. Quiet Operation: Unlike their noisy gas-powered counterparts, electric models operate quietly, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and noise sensitive workshop use.
  3. Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to motor oil, air filter and spark plug changes. Electric pressure washers are hassle-free.
  4. Indoor-Friendly: When winter arrives, you can store them indoors without any issues.
  5. Eco-Friendly: No emissions or fumes on all Cold and Astra EL pressure cleaners, contributing to a cleaner environment

Explore our range of electric pressure washers today and experience the satisfaction of sparkling surfaces!”

Pico idromatic Cold Water
2175 PSI 9lt/min 3.1KW


MEC 250.15 Cold Water MAX 3190 PSI 21lt/min 8.6KW

for sale

RIO 200.15 Cold Water Max 2900 PSI 15lt/min 6.5KW

for sale

KON 170.13 Hot Water
2100 PSI 14lt/min 4.6KW

for sale

ASTRA X 200.15 Hot Water MAX 2900 PSI 15lt/min 6KW

for sale

HYDRA 200.21 Hot Water MAX 2900 PSI 21lt/min 8.5KW

for sale

Best Pressure Washers


Perth Pressure Washers Hire & Sales offers competitive pricing and flexible rental agreements.


We specialises in designing and constructing custom-built pressure washers, both standalone and on trailers, with a wide range of options available.


We offer, comprehensive servicing for all makes and models, with a dedicated team ready to assist customers as a dependable partner, ensuring minimal downtime.

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We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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