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Perth Pressure Washer specialises in trailer-mounted pressure cleaners and washers. Our pressure cleaners provide mobile and versatile cleaning solutions for diverse applications. These self-contained units deliver powerful performance and convenience.

This makes them perfect for commercial, industrial, and large-scale residential projects. Our trailer-mounted pressure washers are easily transportable and designed for durability and reliability, ensuring exceptional cleaning results every time.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing and flexible sales agreements at Perth Pressure Washers Hire & Sales. Our trailer-mounted pressure cleaner can be cost-effective if you need equipment for one-time cleaning tasks.

On the other hand, our trailer-mounted pressure washer for sale might be ideal if you have ongoing cleaning needs or prefer to own the equipment outright. Whatever your needs are, we have the machines to meet them at the best price possible.


Our trailer-mounted high-pressure washers are adaptable and appropriate for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Many professionals rely on our industrial-grade pressure washer trailers to clean in the most challenging conditions like trucking, truck repair, oil field service, mining, agriculture, and construction.

Our machines have many nozzle options and pressure levels that you can change. This allows you to tailor the cleaning procedure to particular surfaces and jobs.

For instance, you can adjust the trailer-mounted pressure cleaner to remove dirt from sensitive surfaces. You can also use them for high-pressure wash and graffiti removal.

Custom Built

Asides from the standard Australian design, we specialise in designing and constructing custom-built pressure washers. So, if you have a specific design, we can produce it according to your specifications.

For instance, your machine can be manufactured as a standalone or fitted on trailers. Our customers can also request dust suppression machines, cold wash pressure cleaners, hot water pressure cleaners and many more.


We offer comprehensive servicing for all trailer-mounted pressure washers for sale. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist customers as a dependable partner, ensuring minimal downtime.

Personalised Customer Service

Buying our trailer-powered washers gives you access to our personalised customer service. Our team of trained staff will offer assistance whenever you need it. So, you can rest assured that you are getting a fully functional power washer.

Get Your Pressure Washer Today

When it comes to effective and efficient cleaning, trailer-mounted pressure washers are the go-to solution. With their unparalleled cleaning power, ultimate mobility, and versatility, they can easily tackle any cleaning project.

Whether you want a trailer-mounted pressure washer hire in Perth or you want to purchase one, these machines offer cost-effective solutions to your unique cleaning needs. So, elevate your cleaning game in Perth by investing in a trailer-mounted pressure washer today!

Experience the difference with our trailer-mounted pressure washer for rent or sale, and take your cleaning projects to new heights!

Petrol Cold Water 3500Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

Petrol Cold Water 3500Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

Petrol Cold Water 3500psi 15Lpm & Firefighter Trailer Mounted

Diesel Cold Water 3000Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

Diesel Hot Water 2900psi 16lpm Custom Single Axle Trailer Mounted BH

Diesel Dual Pressure Washer
and Firefighter


Perth Pressure Washers Hire & Sales offers competitive pricing and flexible rental agreements.


We specialises in designing and constructing custom-built pressure washers, both standalone and on trailers, with a wide range of options available.


We offer, comprehensive servicing for all makes and models, with a dedicated team ready to assist customers as a dependable partner, ensuring minimal downtime.

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