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Perth Pressure Washer’s sales department offers a diverse selection of high-quality pressure washers to suit various applications and budgets. Our expert team handpicks the best models from leading brands, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. We provide competitive pricing, professional advice, and outstanding customer support, making us your go-to choice for pressure washer purchases.

Buy Pressure Washer & Cleaner

Are you looking for a pressure washer that will revolutionise your cleaning routine? Your search ends here! Embrace the power of high-pressure cleaning with our top-notch pressure washers and cleaners, now available for purchase in Perth and across Australia.
Say goodbye to the exhausting manual labour and embrace the future of cleaning with our petrol pressure washers and cleaner. With this revolutionary high-pressure washer at your disposal, you can achieve astonishing results in no time.

Discover the Best Pressure Washer for Sale

Whether you need a commercial pressure washer for sale to tackle extensive cleaning projects or a cheap pressure washer for sale for your residential needs, we’ve got you covered.
Our selection includes a wide range of pressure washers, from high-pressure cleaners to industrial-grade options, ensuring a perfect fit for every requirement.

Efficiency at Its Finest

We sell only the best High-Pressure Cleaners. So when you buy a new pressure washer from us, you get heavy-duty equipment that is very efficient in cleaning large areas.

Our pressure washers and cleaners have powerful nozzles that produce a powerful stream of high-pressure water. This high-pressure water can blast away stubborn stains, grime, mould, and dirt from brick walls, floors, or other surfaces.

With our best pressure washer, you can effortlessly transform your patio, driveway, or car into sparkling clean conditions.

Find the Perfect Pressure Washer for Sale in Perth

For our valued customers in Perth, we offer an extensive selection of pressure washers and cleaners. Whether you need a compact, portable pressure washer for small cleaning tasks or a heavy-duty pressure washer trailer to handle more significant cleaning jobs, we have just what you need.

Explore our collection to find the ideal pressure washer for your home or business.

Petrol Cold Water 3500Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

$20,990 +GST

Petrol Cold Water 3000Psi 21Lpm Trailer Mounted

$23,990 + GST

Diesel Hot Water 3000Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

Call for Hire Rates

Diesel Cold Water 3050Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

Call to hire

Petrol Cold Water 3650Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

$23,990 + GST

Diesel Cold Water 3000Psi 15Lpm Trailer Mounted

$24,990 + GST

Petrol Cold Water 3500psi 15Lpm Pressure Washer & Firefighter Trailer Mounted

$25,990 + GST

Diesel Dual Pressure Washer
and Firefighter

$34,990 + GST


Perth Pressure Washers Hire & Sales offers competitive pricing and flexible rental agreements.


When you buy a pressure washer from us, you can trust in its performance and durability, knowing it will serve you faithfully for years. We specialise in designing and constructing custom-built pressure washers, both standalone and on trailers, with a wide range of options available.


We offer, comprehensive servicing for all makes and models, with a dedicated team ready to assist customers as a dependable partner, ensuring minimal downtime.

Eco-Friendly Cheap Pressure Washer for Sale

Concerned about the environment and utility bills? Our pressure washers are designed to be eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Our pressure washers release high-pressure water, which makes them use less water than other traditional methods. Also, the washers rely on the pressure of water for cleaning, which reduces the need for hazardous chemicals and cleaners.

So, if you are looking for an environmentally responsible choice, our pressure washers are the answers you need. You’ll not only save time on your cleaning job, but also contribute to a greener planet.

Australia's Finest Commercial Pressure Washer for Sale

For businesses that demand the utmost cleaning power, our commercial pressure washers are the perfect solution.

Our Commercial Pressure Washer is perfect for car wash companies, construction companies, or cleaning services. These commercial high-pressure cleaners for sale are designed to withstand rigorous use and deliver exceptional results consistently.

Industrial High-Pressure Cleaner for Sale

Our industrial high-pressure cleaners are up to the task when it comes to industrial cleaning challenges. These heavy-duty machines are built to handle the toughest grime and dirt, making them indispensable tools for industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and large-scale cleaning operations.

Take the Next Step: Buy Pressure Washer & Cleaner Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your cleaning experience with the best pressure washer for sale. Whether you’re looking for a pressure washer for sale in Perth or anywhere else, we have the perfect solution. Explore our collection now and take the first step towards effortless, powerful cleaning results!

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