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Jetter pressure washers, also known as sewer jetters or drain jetters, are specialized high-pressure cleaning machines designed for clearing blockages in pipes, drains, and sewer lines [or likewise for extra high pressure cleaning]. These versatile machines generate intense water pressure, making them essential for dislodging stubborn stains, debris, tree roots, grease, and other obstructions within pipes or on surfaces. 

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Compact Roll Frame Jetter 5000Psi 21Lpm Electric Start

Vanpack Jetter 5000Psi 26Lpm
Compact Roll Frame

 Note: ​*** A majority of Jetter Pressure Washers are designated as a class “B” Machine requiring accredited competence of user and or operators​​ (MSMS S00017, MSMS S00018 and MSMS S00019) ***

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Perth Pressure Washers Hire & Sales offers competitive pricing and flexible rental agreements.


We specialises in designing and constructing custom-built pressure washers, both standalone and on trailers, with a wide range of options available.


We offer, comprehensive servicing for all makes and models, with a dedicated team ready to assist customers as a dependable partner, ensuring minimal downtime.

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